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Asset Detail View

Asset Manager Web Edition

All businesses need a system to keep track of the location and status of company assets. Have you ever needed something "right now" and then wasted far too much time searching for it? Forget who had something last, and now it's "missing"? How much more efficient could your organization be if you could look up any of your company's assets online and immediately find the last recorded location and status? Asset Manager Web Edition is designed to help with all these issues.


  • Track assets online in a central location.
  • Check assets out to your employees, and maintain a history of who has had it.
  • Attach any kind of file such as pictures, manuals, warranty information, etc.
  • Audit your company's assets.
  • Manage Service Schedules
  • Keep track of related vendors and contacts.
  • Print and save asset reports.

Since this Asset Management Software is web-based, there's nothing for you to install or maintain. You can get a free account to try it out and begin tracking assets right away.

Asset Dashboard

Asset Dashboard
View asset, activity, and service status charts.

Asset List

Asset List
View and filter the Asset List.

Personnel Details

Personnel Form
Personnel form.

Asset Reports

Asset Reports
Asset Detail Report.

Service Schedule

Service Schedule
Asset Service schedule with Color-coded Status Indicators.

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